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How well do you know your state’s laws? Do you know all of the crazy laws that exist? In light of every other blogger writing about the big hitting issues of SCOTUS cases, it seemed like as good a time as any to cover other legal news. So sit back and enjoy this series of blogs as we explore one crazy law per state.

The Crazy Law Series: Montana-New Jersey

We are passed the half way mark and looking to find even crazier laws that could potentially trip up a traveler or state citizen alike. Let’s kick it off in the large, yet vastly unpopulated state of Montana.


no folfing lawMontana: No Nighttime Folfing

In Helena, the state capitol of Montana, there will be no fofling on unsanctioned folf courses after dark. Folfing is Frisbee golfing for those that don’t know. But apparently, should the sun be shining, one may folf where they please with no repercussions.

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Nebraska: Marriage Restriction

I am not entirely sure if I think this is a dumb law or a good law…Anyway, a person with a venereal disease is not allowed to marry in the state of Nebraska. Incidentally, you must also be at least 17 to marry in Nebraska. So, make sure you do one of these things: 1) don’t contract a venereal disease, 2) make sure you are 17 if you want to marry while staying in Nebraska, or 3) Leave the state.

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Nevada: Still using Gallows

Apparently, should you shoot someone’s dog on his or her property; they have the right to hang you. So watch where you are pointing that gun that you are so freely wielding. Also, as a point of interest, if you are in Clarke County, you must register your firearm with the Las Vegas Police Department. Don’t get hit for two crimes in one criminal act.


New Hampshire: Everybody walks on Sunday

In New Hampshire, it is apparently illegal to run machinery on Sundays. Now, of course, there are more than likely provisions to this statement. If not, then New Hampshire is a very green state 1 out of every 7 days of the week by pump gas lawmaking its citizens walk or ride bikes or run to church on Sundays.


New Jersey: You Cannot Pump Your Own Gas

In New Jersey, and Oregon incidentally, you must have your gas pumped by a qualified gas station attendant. There are a few benefits for the gas station as to why they would require this, but the main benefit for the car operator is that you don’t have to get out of your car when it is cold!

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The Crazy Law Series: Massachusetts- Missouri

With all of the “M” states rounding out the first 25 states, I am sure the crazy law list will indeed get better. Hopefully, we can uncover the purpose of some of these.


public boxing lawMassachusetts:

Do not try to have a public boxing match in Massachusetts. It is illegal. Should you be caught publicly boxing, your penalty can include a two hundred dollar fine and/or a maximum of three months in prison. This law is part of Chapter 265: Section 12 of Boston State Law.


Michigan and Motor City…Except on Sundays

In Michigan, it is illegal to buy, sell, or trade motor vehicles on Sundays. I have seen this law in other states, but it seemed especially peculiar given that Michigan was the Mecca of motor vehicles for quite some time. One would think that they would want as many cars sold as possible.


Minnesota’s Creative Water Conservation

In Cottage Grove, Minnesota, residents of even numbered addresses within city limits may only water their plants and yard on even numbered days. Likewise for odd numbered residences and odd numbered days. There is not a limitation on the amount of water allowed during these watering periods.


Mississippi: The State Where Men Lying About Marriage Will Put Them in Prison

Men, do not go to Mississippi if you are planning on attempting a play where you claim you will marry a woman just to seduce her. It will land you in prison, provided she has more proof than just her testimony. This comes as a provision of Law 97-29-55.


Missouri: Encouraging Early Marriage

Men, calling out to you again. Venture up to Missouri if you would like to get married. But, don’t sty if you fail to find a partner to marry. Single men between the ages of 21 and 50 must pay an annual tax of one dollar. I wish there were a single females tax as well; it could be the “Single Ladies Tax.” Queen B would be proud.…

The Crazy Law Series: Kansas- Maryland

Fifteen states in and we have read some absolutely insane laws, as well as some laws that just make sense…despite their silly wording or phrasing, not to mention their crazy origins. Here’s to hoping the next 35 will be just as entertaining.


laws in kansasKansas: Clogged Train Rails are our Specialty

According to Law Offices of Larry B. Litt, in the great state of Kansas, if two trains were to ever meet on the same track, neither train would be permitted to move. This comes off a law that states neither train may move until the other has passed. Hopefully, the Kansas train system has figured out how to keep their trains from meeting.


Kentucky: We Like Our Blue Ducklings in Groups of Six

In Kentucky, you may sell blue dyed ducklings, but there is a catch. There’s always a catch. Your supply of blue dyed ducklings may never drop below six, unless you would like to incur a fine between $100 and $500. This is outlined in KRS 436.600.


Louisiana is Wildly Protective of Their Water Supply

Do not, under any circumstance or necessity, urinate in the water supply in Louisiana. You have the potential to go to jail for up to twenty years and may have to serve while doing hard labor. All for relieving your bladder out of necessity one time, you will pay the price.


donut lawsMaine: Get Fit Before Your Morning Donut

There is a town in Maine known as South Berwick. In South Berwick, it is illegal to park in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts shop.  Not because Dunkin’ Donuts wanted it that way, it just happened to be a noticeable landmark for the townspeople. But on the plus side, you may work up an appetite on your way into the building.


Maryland: No Fountain Swimming

If you are ever to visit Rockville, Maryland, make sure to not swim or wade in the public fountain and pool that are not intended for swimming. In other words, you cannot live out some weird Bruce Wayne or Robert Langdon fantasy of swimming in fountains…sorry!…

The Crazy Law Series: Colorado-Georgia

After the last five laws, I am interested what the rest of the United States has deemed illegal in certain places!


denver law enforcementColorado: “Them’s fightin’ words!”

Welcome to the City of Denver everyone! Here, it is quite legal to challenge a police officer. You may say whatever you want to them until they request for you to cease and discontinue your action. If you were to continue after this request, you are breaking law 5-3-6: Use of Fighting Words. Until that point, treat Denver Police like the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace.


Connecticut: Silly String No More

In Southington, Connecticut, it is no longer possible to purchase Silly String. While this may sound harsh and crazy, it was banned due to kids spraying Silly String in the face of police officers on duty. To combat this ever happening again, they simply banned the sale of Silly String.


Delaware: The Beach Does Not Supply Changing Rooms

In Rehoboth Beach, the city has specifically banned the practice of changing from a bathing suit into street clothes or vice versa. Law 198-15 prohibits this action, so long as the city is charged with the maintenance of the comfort station.


Florida: The Doors Must Swing Outward to Enter Building

Not so much a crazy law when you dive into it. On surface level, however, it seems fairly comical. Why must the doors leading into/out of a building open outwards? It is simple actually, the doors need to open outward for fire safety purposes. If you think about it, it is easier to run though a door you have to push than attempt to pull open a door with hundreds of people pushing against you.


house boat lawsGeorgia: We Like Houseboats…Occasionally

To finish off this tour, it is illegal to live on a houseboat, or any other boat, for more than 30 calendar days a year. This could prove especially hard to follow for anyone who loves watching college football while on a boat. It is hard to tell if this law is strictly enforced, but Law 12-5-188 is where you can find the information.…

The Crazy Law Series: Alabama-California

alabama lawsAlabama: You Can Marry Your Sister or Brother

Our first stop on the tour of crazy laws finds us in Alabama where it is, in fact, legal to have an incestuous marriage. So, if you have ever thought about marrying your family members, Section 30-1-3 of Alabama state law would permit you to do so.


Alaska: The State Capitol has something against flamingos…

Our next stop brings us to one of the few “densely populated” cities in Alaska: Juneau. One law in Juneau states that any owner of a flamingo may not bring their pet into a barbershop. My question with this law is simple: can flamingos even survive in Alaska? The real law here just doesn’t want pets in establishments of eating and hairdressing, but Juneau may have had a specific incident against flamingos…


Arizona: The Sensible State

In Arizona, should one need a glass of water, they have every right to it…for free! It turns out, it is unlawful to refuse someone a glass of water should you have the means to give them the water. While this may seem silly, due to the extreme heat of the summer, it is a law that is taken very seriously, even if it sounds convoluted.

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Arkansas is Sensitive About its Name

Don’t you dare, for any reason, mispronounce the name “Arkansas” while in the state. Doing so is illegal, and has been since 1881. Talk about tradition! For those of you traveling to this state soon, say it with me: AR-KAN-SAW!


dog leash lawsCalifornia: The Land of Improperly Placed Modifiers

This law is not meant to be dumb. It is meant to say that humans must walk their dogs while the dog is wearing a collar and leashed. However, the Belvedere City Council has phrased it: “No dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash.” Forget Planet of the Apes, apparently California is enjoying Planet of the Dogs!

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