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The Crazy Law Series: Alabama-California

alabama lawsAlabama: You Can Marry Your Sister or Brother

Our first stop on the tour of crazy laws finds us in Alabama where it is, in fact, legal to have an incestuous marriage. So, if you have ever thought about marrying your family members, Section 30-1-3 of Alabama state law would permit you to do so.


Alaska: The State Capitol has something against flamingos…

Our next stop brings us to one of the few “densely populated” cities in Alaska: Juneau. One law in Juneau states that any owner of a flamingo may not bring their pet into a barbershop. My question with this law is simple: can flamingos even survive in Alaska? The real law here just doesn’t want pets in establishments of eating and hairdressing, but Juneau may have had a specific incident against flamingos…


Arizona: The Sensible State

In Arizona, should one need a glass of water, they have every right to it…for free! It turns out, it is unlawful to refuse someone a glass of water should you have the means to give them the water. While this may seem silly, due to the extreme heat of the summer, it is a law that is taken very seriously, even if it sounds convoluted.

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Arkansas is Sensitive About its Name

Don’t you dare, for any reason, mispronounce the name “Arkansas” while in the state. Doing so is illegal, and has been since 1881. Talk about tradition! For those of you traveling to this state soon, say it with me: AR-KAN-SAW!


dog leash lawsCalifornia: The Land of Improperly Placed Modifiers

This law is not meant to be dumb. It is meant to say that humans must walk their dogs while the dog is wearing a collar and leashed. However, the Belvedere City Council has phrased it: “No dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash.” Forget Planet of the Apes, apparently California is enjoying Planet of the Dogs!

I guess dog bites are a real issue, so it makes sense to implement such a law. If you’ve been bitten by any furry creature, you might want to consult with an animal bite attorney.…

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