CATEGORY: Colorado-Georgia

The Crazy Law Series: Colorado-Georgia

After the last five laws, I am interested what the rest of the United States has deemed illegal in certain places!


denver law enforcementColorado: “Them’s fightin’ words!”

Welcome to the City of Denver everyone! Here, it is quite legal to challenge a police officer. You may say whatever you want to them until they request for you to cease and discontinue your action. If you were to continue after this request, you are breaking law 5-3-6: Use of Fighting Words. Until that point, treat Denver Police like the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace.


Connecticut: Silly String No More

In Southington, Connecticut, it is no longer possible to purchase Silly String. While this may sound harsh and crazy, it was banned due to kids spraying Silly String in the face of police officers on duty. To combat this ever happening again, they simply banned the sale of Silly String.


Delaware: The Beach Does Not Supply Changing Rooms

In Rehoboth Beach, the city has specifically banned the practice of changing from a bathing suit into street clothes or vice versa. Law 198-15 prohibits this action, so long as the city is charged with the maintenance of the comfort station.


Florida: The Doors Must Swing Outward to Enter Building

Not so much a crazy law when you dive into it. On surface level, however, it seems fairly comical. Why must the doors leading into/out of a building open outwards? It is simple actually, the doors need to open outward for fire safety purposes. If you think about it, it is easier to run though a door you have to push than attempt to pull open a door with hundreds of people pushing against you.


house boat lawsGeorgia: We Like Houseboats…Occasionally

To finish off this tour, it is illegal to live on a houseboat, or any other boat, for more than 30 calendar days a year. This could prove especially hard to follow for anyone who loves watching college football while on a boat. It is hard to tell if this law is strictly enforced, but Law 12-5-188 is where you can find the information.…

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