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The Crazy Law Series: Kansas- Maryland

Fifteen states in and we have read some absolutely insane laws, as well as some laws that just make sense…despite their silly wording or phrasing, not to mention their crazy origins. Here’s to hoping the next 35 will be just as entertaining.


laws in kansasKansas: Clogged Train Rails are our Specialty

According to Law Offices of Larry B. Litt, in the great state of Kansas, if two trains were to ever meet on the same track, neither train would be permitted to move. This comes off a law that states neither train may move until the other has passed. Hopefully, the Kansas train system has figured out how to keep their trains from meeting.


Kentucky: We Like Our Blue Ducklings in Groups of Six

In Kentucky, you may sell blue dyed ducklings, but there is a catch. There’s always a catch. Your supply of blue dyed ducklings may never drop below six, unless you would like to incur a fine between $100 and $500. This is outlined in KRS 436.600.


Louisiana is Wildly Protective of Their Water Supply

Do not, under any circumstance or necessity, urinate in the water supply in Louisiana. You have the potential to go to jail for up to twenty years and may have to serve while doing hard labor. All for relieving your bladder out of necessity one time, you will pay the price.


donut lawsMaine: Get Fit Before Your Morning Donut

There is a town in Maine known as South Berwick. In South Berwick, it is illegal to park in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts shop.  Not because Dunkin’ Donuts wanted it that way, it just happened to be a noticeable landmark for the townspeople. But on the plus side, you may work up an appetite on your way into the building.


Maryland: No Fountain Swimming

If you are ever to visit Rockville, Maryland, make sure to not swim or wade in the public fountain and pool that are not intended for swimming. In other words, you cannot live out some weird Bruce Wayne or Robert Langdon fantasy of swimming in fountains…sorry!…

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