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The Crazy Law Series: Massachusetts- Missouri

With all of the “M” states rounding out the first 25 states, I am sure the crazy law list will indeed get better. Hopefully, we can uncover the purpose of some of these.


public boxing lawMassachusetts:

Do not try to have a public boxing match in Massachusetts. It is illegal. Should you be caught publicly boxing, your penalty can include a two hundred dollar fine and/or a maximum of three months in prison. This law is part of Chapter 265: Section 12 of Boston State Law.


Michigan and Motor City…Except on Sundays

In Michigan, it is illegal to buy, sell, or trade motor vehicles on Sundays. I have seen this law in other states, but it seemed especially peculiar given that Michigan was the Mecca of motor vehicles for quite some time. One would think that they would want as many cars sold as possible.


Minnesota’s Creative Water Conservation

In Cottage Grove, Minnesota, residents of even numbered addresses within city limits may only water their plants and yard on even numbered days. Likewise for odd numbered residences and odd numbered days. There is not a limitation on the amount of water allowed during these watering periods.


Mississippi: The State Where Men Lying About Marriage Will Put Them in Prison

Men, do not go to Mississippi if you are planning on attempting a play where you claim you will marry a woman just to seduce her. It will land you in prison, provided she has more proof than just her testimony. This comes as a provision of Law 97-29-55.


Missouri: Encouraging Early Marriage

Men, calling out to you again. Venture up to Missouri if you would like to get married. But, don’t sty if you fail to find a partner to marry. Single men between the ages of 21 and 50 must pay an annual tax of one dollar. I wish there were a single females tax as well; it could be the “Single Ladies Tax.” Queen B would be proud.…

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