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The Crazy Law Series: Montana-New Jersey

We are passed the half way mark and looking to find even crazier laws that could potentially trip up a traveler or state citizen alike. Let’s kick it off in the large, yet vastly unpopulated state of Montana.


no folfing lawMontana: No Nighttime Folfing

In Helena, the state capitol of Montana, there will be no fofling on unsanctioned folf courses after dark. Folfing is Frisbee golfing for those that don’t know. But apparently, should the sun be shining, one may folf where they please with no repercussions.

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Nebraska: Marriage Restriction

I am not entirely sure if I think this is a dumb law or a good law…Anyway, a person with a venereal disease is not allowed to marry in the state of Nebraska. Incidentally, you must also be at least 17 to marry in Nebraska. So, make sure you do one of these things: 1) don’t contract a venereal disease, 2) make sure you are 17 if you want to marry while staying in Nebraska, or 3) Leave the state.

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Nevada: Still using Gallows

Apparently, should you shoot someone’s dog on his or her property; they have the right to hang you. So watch where you are pointing that gun that you are so freely wielding. Also, as a point of interest, if you are in Clarke County, you must register your firearm with the Las Vegas Police Department. Don’t get hit for two crimes in one criminal act.


New Hampshire: Everybody walks on Sunday

In New Hampshire, it is apparently illegal to run machinery on Sundays. Now, of course, there are more than likely provisions to this statement. If not, then New Hampshire is a very green state 1 out of every 7 days of the week by pump gas lawmaking its citizens walk or ride bikes or run to church on Sundays.


New Jersey: You Cannot Pump Your Own Gas

In New Jersey, and Oregon incidentally, you must have your gas pumped by a qualified gas station attendant. There are a few benefits for the gas station as to why they would require this, but the main benefit for the car operator is that you don’t have to get out of your car when it is cold!

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