The Crazy Law Series: Hawaii-Iowa

Outside of Hawaii, the next four states all start with the letter “I.” What I see is the opportunity for some crazy laws in these states!


hawaii billboard lawHawaii: We Don’t Want Commercial Billboards

Hawaii put into place a poorly worded law. They banned all billboards. What this meant at first was that you would not see a sign or billboard anywhere. 18 Amendments later, it means that no commercial businesses can advertise with billboards. The amendments include all legal billboards and postings.


Idaho: Valentine’s Day weighs at least fifty pounds

This law is actually a 365-day rule, but it mostly pertains to February 14th. If you are a man and you were to give your sweetie pie a box of candies or chocolate, that box of candy better weigh a minimum of fifty pounds. If not, it is considered an illegal gift.


Illinois: Culinary Arts Students Get Perks:

Ever wanted to drink alcohol before the age of twenty-one? In Illinois, you can…provided you are in a culinary arts program. However, before you all go signing up for those programs, they are allowed to taste alcohol while under the direct supervision of a teacher of at least 21 years of age. They may not imbibe, and they must only taste during regularly scheduled class sessions.


Indiana: Preserving the Natural Order of Fishing

What is your preferred method of catching a fish? A Net? Your hands? A firearm? All of these strategies are illegal on state waters in Indiana. They are fighting to preserve the art of casting a line and catching a fish. Very old school and primitive, but the law still stands so take your bare hand catfishing elsewhere!



laws in iowaIn Iowa, there is a law requiring the inclusion of warning signs on tanning beds and devices. The warning signs must be on each device and warn the person of the dangers they are about to impart on their bodies. Way to go, Iowa! Incidentally, they also have a law that makes kisses lasting longer than five minutes illegal and they have made public kisses from a man with a moustache illegal. No word yet on whether full beards fall into this law as well.

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